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To give back and help local communities, we have launched our Community Reinvestment Program (CRP). CRP offers apolitical community-based organizations a chance to fundraise for their respective causes through First Night® Morris. This fundraising drive will run from December 7th through December 31st at noon.

First Night Morris FNM365


FNM365® is a Year-Round Community Development Program, dedicated to bringing the community together, not only for New Year’s Eve but all 365 days of the year. FNM365® in conjunction with First Night Morris County Partners, Supporters, Volunteers, Patrons, and Community Members will provide the following programs throughout the coming year.
Employment Horizons

Employment Horizons

Our work is so vital, especially now! We help people with disabilities to find, train and thrive at the jobs of their choice. Hundreds of people each year are helped by our services throughout the Greater Morris County Area.
Housing with Hope

Housing With Hope

This foundation provides safe housing solutions for the elderly who choose to live at home by providing peaceful and lively activities for them to socialize and develop new skills. They also provide resources for caregivers and families by entrusting them to people who are committed to give their loved ones the attention they deserve in a loving and safe environment.
Mayo Performing Arts Center

Mayo Performing Arts Center

They present a wide range of events that entertain, enrich, and educate the diverse population of the region and enhance the economic vitality of Northern New Jersey. With over 200 events spanning from performing arts, classical music, modern dance, and theatre, MPAC is committed to providing cultural enrichment for young audiences and the public by increasing their exposure to the arts.
Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce

Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce

For over a hundred years, the Chamber has helped drive economic growth in and around the region, while continually providing an inclusive business community. Members can form connections to business prospects, opportunities and relationships that encourage Business Development, and have influence over public policy decisions impacting business and the quality of life in Middlesex.
First Night - Morris Arts

Morris Arts

Morris Arts offers varied programs to inspire, connect, and engage through arts education programs for K-12 students and the creation of innovative community-building arts events. They also support of local artists and art organizations through funding, advocacy, and professional development.
Habitat for Humanity

Morris Habitat for Humanity

Morris Habitat for Humanity builds and rehabilitates houses in partnership with families in need through volunteer labors and donations of money and materials from the support of local businesses, churches, individual donors, and fundraising events.
Morristown Green


Their website delivers local and relevant up-to-date information on Morristown. Through their volunteer contributors, they strive to inform and education using good journalism and a multimedia mix.
The Rotary Foundation

New Brunswick Rotary Foundation

Community assistance in the areas of education, literacy, homelessness, hunger and health in and around the greater New Brunswick area.
New Jersey Highlands Coalition

New Jersey Highlands Coalition

NJHC protects, enhances, and restores vital water and other natural and cultural resources in the NJ Highlands. They preserve the quality and quantity for the 850,000 people in the Highlands, along with the five million people in surrounding areas who depend on its waters.


NJSBDC provides comprehensive assistance to small and medium sized businesses to maximize opportunities for growth and generate economic impact statewide. Led by recognized business leaders, they provide management consulting and training programs for businesses ranging from start-ups to well-established businesses.
North Jersey Partners

North Jersey Partners

North Jersey Partners is a regional Workforce Collaboration Board based in northern New Jersey. An initiative started in 2006, it promotes integration of regional talent development, workforce, and economic development activities. Today, it acts as a coalition for advocacy on regional workforce issues and oversees peer exchanges.
Northeast Partnership - NEP

Northeast Partnership

Address, alleviate, and remedy the escalating wealth inequality gap in multiple area throughout the northeast region of the United States by providing socioeconomic ecosystem of support including education, training, facilities, and other professional guidance to underserved communities.


nourish.NJ creates long-standing solutions to problems facing our community such as hunger, poverty, and homelessness. They offer food, housing, work readiness, medical, social, and educational services year-long in a safe, free-of-charge environment.
Hamlet/Horatio - First Night Morris

Hamlet / Horatio

Support our local filmmakers by purchasing First Night Tickets To Support Hamlet / Horatio.